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About World Corporate Champions Cup

It is with tremendous pleasure that I welcome you to the 2018 FIFCO World Corporate Champions Cup in Montreal. For the past ten years, our organisation has been arduously working towards building a truly global community of like-minded people with one common passion: Football. This work has taken me to the four corners of the world and on countless soapboxes to promote and shout our core values, our mission and our ambitions. After countless hours and sacrifice, my team and I are pleased to announce this ambitious tournament to the entire corporate community. Our members will finally be able to deliver the utmost quality to their existing membership base and to allow them to continue into their football journey of a world-class tournament.


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FIFCO World Corporate Champions Cup 2019

The International Federation of Corporate Football (FIFCO), is the world governing body of the sport of corporate football. FIFCO strives to bring quality football to the corporate community while embracing our core values. Our mandate is to set up and manage the World Corporate Champions Cup™ and to get member countries to establish their own local qualifying championships in order to send national teams to the World Corporate Champion Cup™.

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Marrakech Morocco

Population: 928,850
Founded in: 1062
Marrakech is one of the Imperial Cities founded in 1062 by The Almoravide Sultan Youssef ben Tachfine who is credited with construction of the defensive walls that encircle the city. Extended to 19 kms during the dynasties of the Almohades and Saadiens, the spectacular city walls, varying in colour between pink and red. The prosperity of Marrakech at this time made it a fitting capital for an empire which stretched from Algiers to the Atlantic and from the Mediterranean almost to Senegal.  The architectural influence of the Almohads was strong and featured carved domes and arches. When blended with influences from the Sahara and West Africa, it created a unique style of architecture in the city. Many of the city’s best-known landmarks, such as the the Koutoubia and El Mansour Mosques, date from their conquest. The vast walls that encase the medina were built in the 12th century out of red sandstone, earning the city the name ‘Red City’ or ‘Ochre City’. Marrakech’s rapid growth turned it into a cultural, religious and trading centre and despite a later period of decline, it resurged in the 16th century during the reign of wealthy Saadian sultans, who built magnificent palaces such as El Badi Palace.


How to Register

FIFCO invites all country members to send a national representative corporate team to compete in the first FIFCO World Corporate Champions Cup™ in Marrakech, in 2019. Country members should be able to host a national 5v5 cup in their respective countries so that they guarantee to get the best team to participate.


Qualifications for the World Corporate Champions Cup will be held in each participating countries.  Each FIFCO-member country will hold a qualifying tournament to declare a national winner.  The corporate team that wins the national-level tournament will represent their respective country at the World Corporate Champions Cup in 2019.
Each country that wishes to participate at the FIFCO World Corporate Champions Cup, must be a member in good standing with FIFCO. Each member country can then organise a qualifying tournament in order to declare a winner in their respective country.
Each country establishes their own tournament rules, based on FIFCO principles and organises their respective national-level tournament.


Cost to participate is based on each country’s licensing agreement. Each country-member is responsible to organize a qualifying tournament.
This tournament comes with a licensing fee, which the local organizer must settle.

In exchange for the licencing fee – FIFCO will provide;

  • 7 all-expenses paid passage (Flight/Hotel/food/transfers) to Montreal, Canada
  • 1 all-expenses paid passage (Flight/Hotel/food/transfers) to Montreal for the local organizer or coach/team representative
  • All tournament related expenses
  • Full uniform set with printed logo and country flag (Shirt/short/socks)
  • 3-night stay in a minimum of 4-Star hotel with meals and a full Gala Dinner


Final licensing payment must be made by 30 April 2019.
Final list of participating members from each team, must be submitted 30 April 2019.


Every delegation will receive a minimum of 4* hotel room close to the venue.  Each room will be based on double occupancy.


Delegations who would like to come with accompaniment of their spouse and/or children or other family member will be able to do so.  FIFCO will organise extra rooms and family rooms for those who wish to have them. Prices will be determined at the end of February 2019 – once we get final confirmation of attendees.

Extra Days/Trips

Participants wishing to spend extra days in Morocco before or after the tournament can do so at the players/participants expense.  Further information of specific costs will be submitted to each country delegation for individual selection.
Day trips and extended trips will be available to all those wishing to do so, for Casablanca, Agadir, Fez and Rabat.

FIFCO Organisation

The International Federation of Corporate Football (FIFCO) is the world governing body of corporate football. Founded in Montreal, Canada in 2009, FIFCO aims to bring excellence and professionalism to the discipline of corporate football.

FIFCO was founded on the basis of 4 core values:

  • Healthy lifestyle between work and exercise..
  • Promoting team building.
  • Promoting professional networking opportunities.
  • Promoting the beautiful game..

FIFCO is represented in all six continents with their respective departments

Link to Player Registration Form

For more information on membership  please download the membership forms:

Download Membership Forms (Pdf)


Le Grand Stade de Marrakech, is a 45,000 capacity seat stadium for multi-use just north of downtown Marrakech. The stadium was designed by Gregotti Associati International. Completed in 2012, this stadium is used mostly for football matches with the capacity of hosting Olympic games. It is the home base of Kawkab Marrakech Football Team. The stadium will be fitted to host multiple fields of 5v5 dimensions and allow simultaneous games to play out during the course of the 3-day corporate soccer festival.  Official training grounds will also be available for teams arriving early to the tournament.

Terrain de Pratique

Le Grand Stade de Marrakech

Organizing Commitee

Our organizing committee is dedicated to the success of our project.

FIFCO in the World

FIFCO is represented in all six continents with each their respective departments in charge to run corporate football in their jurisdiction.


Confédération Africaine de football corporatif


Confederation of North American Corporate Football


Oceanic Federation of Corporate Football


Asian Federation of Corporate Football


Union of European Associations of Corporate Football


Confederacion sudamericana de futbol corporativo

Accreditation Visa

Please read carefully the following information.

VISA: Morocco is reputed to be one of the more open countries in regards to tourism.  While over 70 countries can enter visa-free, others will require tourist visa’s to enter Morocco.  Please consult this page Visa List. If you are from a country that requires an entry visa, you will need to address your request to the nearest Moroccan Embassy – for a complete list, look here. All participants are responsible to obtain travel visa (if necessary) from the Moroccan Embassy of their respective countries.  All fees associated to obtaining of travel documents and visas are the sole responsibility of the participant.  The organizing committee will issue invitation letters to all those that require it for the sole purpose of obtaining the proper travel authorizations to arrive to Morocco.

PLAYERS: all participants will need to submit a signed release form, a copy of their travel documents and 2 passport-like photos of themselves to the organising committee. Upon arrival to Morocco, all accreditations will be delivered to each registered team. Corporate teams must be 100% company employees
All participants must be a minimum age of 21 years by the time the tournament begins.

Corporate teams must be 100% company employees.

Every player must provide:
– Proof of employment
– 2 passport pictures
– 5×5 football
– On the fly change
– Round Robin guaranteed 3 games
– 7 player roster max

FIFCO is pleased to invite applications from interested media wishing to cover the 2019 World Corporate Champions Cup in Marrakech. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee accreditation. Accreditation is required for media to attend games, press conferences, stadium zones and other media locations during the World Corportate Champions Cup. Successful applicants will be notified.

By submitting the below form, you hereby agree to:
1) be contacted by FIFCO.
2) follow FIFCO’s media rules
3) while in a stadium, press conference official venue or media area,
     follow the directions of FIFCO staff during the tournament.

Please note that media accreditation does not include permission to film
World Corportate Champions Cup games. Filming of footage of up to one minute
of length for social media, a television news story or other use will be permitted.
Any additional filming will be considered an infringement of FIFCO’s intellectual property rights. Media who wish to broadcast World Corporate Champions Cup games should contact FIFCO to discuss licensing. FIFCO reserves the right to revoke the accreditation of an applicant at any time for any reason. Any queries should be sent via email to info@fifco.org. FIFCO is unable to assist with the accommodation or travel costs of media wishing to cover the tournament. FIFCO is unable to provide visa assistance, although can upon request provide a letter of accreditation.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2019 World Corporate Champions Cup in Marrakech.

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